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We want to introduce  HawaiiOhana  Hope


We are endeavoring to provide a business venture incorporating achievement and successful business outcomes for our community and people.


Our idea comes together by offering a creative and unique way to invest Hawaii.


Our Hope is to expound on new creative innovations and partnerships to offer beautiful green sustained single family housing, green areas, and beautification projects throughout our community.


We have developed incredible alliances and an easy WAY to invest in Hawaii communities through the very act of beautifying and sustaining them.


Our Company allows for an easy mechanism to achieve Resources and Revenue  while at the same time offering the reward of good interest on secured properties and generation of monthly funds.                                                                                                      

“Invest in Hawaii” The "Hope" in life is the pleasure of seeing

        a future that is bright and secure. …. it is our vision.


HawaiiOhana Inc.  Our Non-Profit Organization is assisted by           OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM  HawaiiOhana Hope LLC :             




Hawaii Ohana 
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