Hawaii Ohana Investments



OUR Comprehensive Business Management Company  HawaiiOhanaProperties ​

helps acquire the business prize of accumulating net increase for Investors seeking investment advantages not normally seen elsewhere. We have developed wonderful cooperation with builders, real estate, and business professionals in our state to provide a means to help with wonderful plans to strengthen our community through renovation and development.We are establishing creative alliances that allow true investment opportunities that are so valuable they subsequently improve the everyday life and future of our community and people.


OUR Company allows for an easy mechanism to offer investors a unique opportunity and way to invest their money in the beautiful State of Hawaii while supporting our efforts in obtaining the Resources and FUNDS for the achievement of beautifying and sustaining Hawaii communities.Our offering would reward investors with assurance of good interest on secured properties, the on-going appreciation and value of the properties, and the incredible generation of immediate established monthly funds. Seeking investment advantages in the beautiful State of Hawaii is in itself a great prospect… Helping us to flourish our Community through construction, renovation and development. . . is the reward !
















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