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   We have the great pleasure of offering you a

wonderful chance to invest in the beautiful State of Hawaii.

HawaiiOhana is instant Hope for anybody’s future.


The moment someone is exposed to the benefits of Hawaii...

its beauty, and its Aloha, they are amazingly refreshed by

the grand SPLASH !  Truly they are going to enjoy all of

the investment opportunity available.


Feel that ocean spray..... feel that sheer Hawaiian Delight…

That's nani That's ENJOYABLE!     That's ola ALIVE!    

 .  .  .  EXPERIENCE IT !


Our drive and dedication is the benefit and value of preserving Hawaii 

paradise through on-going beautification plans and community development.  

We acquire select properties, and after our professional design remodeling 

expertise is involved, the resulting redevelopment, provides beautiful

neighborhood improvement and enhancement.


We offer green building, also known as sustainable building.

We encourage the construction or renovation of homes with

distinctive Aloha Hawaii design highlighting Hawaiian Culture and Art.


Our structures that are designed, built, and operated, are now made for

the purpose of being used in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

Our renovations are designed to meet objectives like protecting the health

and well-being of their residents, improving the structure’s energy efficiency,

water usage and other use of the earth’s resources, and most of all, reducing

the overall impact of the home on the environment.


A HawaiiOhana Home is a green home using and distributing energy

more efficiently than others, and provides an overall healthier environment.

Hawaii Ohana Homes


Signature Series

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